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Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

We will be recruiting SLEs for cohort 6 in October. Please contact us directly if you would like any further information.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior teachers who want to support their counterparts, either individually or as part of teams in other schools. They have the knowledge and experience to recognise and encourage best practice.

The role of an SLE is to raise standards and improve the quality of leadership through both school-to-school and peer-to-peer learning.

To become an SLE you need to be an outstanding middle or senior school leader with a specific expertise and the willingness and vision to help others in similar positions in other schools. SLEs need to meet strict designation criteria before applying and have the agreement of their headteacher to release them for up to 10 days deployment per year.

Support Offered

Behaviour and DisciplineSecondaryBrooke Weston
Early YearsPrimaryBrooke Weston
EnglishPrimary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
GeographySecondaryBrooke Weston
HistorySecondaryBrooke Weston
ICTPrimary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
ITT/NQT DevelopmentPrimaryBrooke Weston
Leadership of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)Primary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
Leadership of CurriculumPrimary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
LiteracyPrimaryBrooke Weston
MathsPrimary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
Modern Foreign Languages (MfL)SecondaryBrooke Weston
Performance ManagementSecondaryBrooke Weston
PhonicsPrimaryBrooke Weston
SciencePrimary and SecondaryBrooke Weston
Special Educational Needs (SEN)PrimaryBrooke Weston
Sixth FormSecondaryBrooke Weston
Support for the most ablePrimaryBrooke Weston

For further information please contact:

If you wish to find out more about the programme please contact Sue Kerley, ITT and SLE Co-ordinator Brooke Weston Academy

If you would like to request SLE support, please complete the SLE Request form below and send to: Sue Kerley.

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Sue Kerley

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