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Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) aim to improve student outcomes through working partnerships between head teachers. LLEs must be a serving head-teacher or Academy principal, with at least three years’ experience, good Ofsted results and a successful track record of school improvement.

LLEs will partner another school in their area, working closely with the head teacher or principal to oversee improvement at a sustainable and practical level. LLEs act as mentors and provide professional advice for head teachers in their first two years in the post, as part of the Head Start scheme.

The LLE programme has proved successful in raising attainment, not only in schools supported by LLEs, but in their own schools as well. Headteachers designated as LLEs are prepared for the role by attending a training programme which involves:

  • a half-day induction to provide information on practical steps for becoming an LLE. Local authority representatives or equivalent will be invited to attend these sessions to provide information on the local context
  • two consecutive training days held locally to provide core coaching and mentoring training which is central to the role of LLE
  • the training programme is delivered within six to eight weeks of enrolment and LLEs will be deployed into schools for half or one day per week.
  • deployments may last from six months to three years. If matched with a new head an LLE will be required to provide approximately 20-30 hours of coaching and mentoring support during their first two years of headship.

If you wish to find out more about how a LLE could support your school or you wish to become an LLE please contact our S2S Support Team.

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