Continuing Professional Development

NQT Professional Development Programme

The programme is aimed at NQTs from both the primary and secondary phases. As well as giving exceptional and targeted teaching, the course also provides an opportunity for new teachers from across the region to network providing a valuable means peer to peer support and development.

What is the NQT Professional Development Programme?

The NQT Professional Development Programme is a 10-part programme that supports NQTs and enables them to meet the professional standards at the end of their induction year. This year, following increased demand, we will be offering separate sessions for primary and secondary NQTs.

Each session covers topics that are essential to classroom practice and provides strategies to develop teaching and learning opportunities. Sessions have been carefully mapped against the Teachers' Standards to support NQT to develop their expertise in all areas.

Key elements

  • Face to Face sessions – 30 hours over the academic year (attendance at 14 sessions)
  • Peer learning and support
  • Evidence of impact of professional development programme

The sessions:

110th October 201616:0017:30
28th November 201616:0017:30
323rd November 201616:0017:30
47th December 201616:0017:30
518th January 201716:0017:30
67th February 201716:0017:30
728th February 201716:0017:30
821st March 201716:0017:30
925th April 201716:0017:30
106th June 201716:0017:30
113th October 201616:0017:30
29th November 201616:0017:30
322nd November 201616:0017:30
46th December 201616:0017:30
517th January 201716:0017:30
68th February 201716:0017:30
71st March 201716:0017:30
829th March 201716:0017:30
93rd May 201716:0017:30
107th June 201716:0017:30

Support in School

Each participant will also require a mentor from their school to support them in their activities. Mentors should be outstanding practitioners with responsibility or expertise in teaching and learning and with experience in mentoring and supporting colleagues in their professional development.

Why choose this programme?

This programme gives a unique opportunity for participants to work with colleagues from a broad range of contexts which will deepen their individual professional learning.

How much does it cost?

NQT Professional Development Programme£ 450

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for this programme or have staff you wish to attend this programme please contact Megan Fowler.

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Further Information

If you would like more information please contact:

Megan Fowler

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