Continuing Professional Development

Aspirant Middle Leader Programme

Moving from a teaching role to head of a team or other middle leadership role is a big step. This course takes a very practical approach to making the move seem less daunting by helping you to develop your existing skills to facilitate your new role.

It has been developed for teachers who currently have responsibility for co-ordinating a small team OR aspire to lead a team

The key elements include

Facilitated sessions

You will attend four face to face facilitated half day and twilight sessions, these will enable to you to further understand the role of the middle leader, how to develop your own effective leadership, how to lead and managing an outstanding team and to use national and school data to identify a gap in performance of groups of students.

You will study action research design and how to gather data to show impact.

You will undertake a professional presentation face to face session followed by presentation task where you will learn and apply these skills.

Action research

Using data analysis and information about vulnerable groups and pupil premium you will identify a gap in achievement with your department or key stage. You will be expected to complete an action research project with the support of a coach. Your action research task will culminate in a presentation to your principal and facilitators of the programme.

For further information please contact

If you wish to find out more about the programme please contact Angeline Annable, Brooke Weston Academy.

Cost £450 per participant. 5 funded places available to alliance members

How much does it cost?

£450 per participant and five funded places available to alliance members.

Further Information

If you wish to find out more about the programme please contact:

Angeline Annable Megan Fowler